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Arthus Fochi is the son of a Brazilian mother and a Paraguayan father, born in Rio de Janeiro. Since he was a child, he listens to music at home, be it guaranias and polkas from his father's side, sambas and Italian music from his mother's cradle. His interest in literature and music began in pre-adolescence, where he began to write and compose his first songs.

Carioca composer and poet, music producer, and general director of the Cantores del Mundo label. As an articulator, he promotes Peña Cultural Auá in Rio de Janeiro and researches Latin American culture and rhythms since 2007, drawing dialogues between Brazilian culture and that of Hispanic America. With his solo work and folk research, he traveled to several countries in South America and Europe, having participated in Andrés Deus' last album (Uruguay), and guitar arrangements in Cátia de França's last album. He has already shared the stage with Luis Perequê, Cuarteto Ricacosa (Uruguay), Tita Parra (Chile), José Delgado (Venezuela), among others. As a producer, he signed EP TERRA by Nívea Magno, EP MEEIRO by Julieta Brandão, in addition to producing songs for Bernardo Valença, Lucas Bezerra, James Coroico, among others.

It has four albums released, and three books. In 2020 he released the album "Ano Sabático", where he received eleven participations, names like Déa Trancoso, Chico Chico, Juliana Linhares, Livia Nestrovski, and Júlia Vargas.

"It is difficult to write about yourself, without sounding long-winded or pedantic, because, after all, we are not as briefly one thing or the other as it requires us to be systemic walking. At home I am many, I exist in one body and in many souls. give me the art, I am a composer, musician, rhythm researcher, writer, actor. By training, historian and history teacher. "

Foto: Daniel Basílio 

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